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Trusted by the world’s most successful law firms to maintain a healthy cash flow

The World’s Best Collection System

Enjoy Full Cash Flow Vision and Financial Certainty

The unique ARCS system helps your firm release cash to grow, reduce reliance on needless external funding and helps improve earnings.

  • Improve average collections by up to 56%*

  • Reduce lock up by up to 43%*

  • Improve team efficiency by around 80%

Benefit from knowing the real future cash position of the firm, reduce lockup, prepare for cash spikes, manage harsh economic climates, improve the matter-to-cash cycle and outperform your rivals at home and globally.


Delivering unique results that make a real difference

The Market Leader

The Most Effective Collection Tool for Law Firms

ARCS has been the undisputed Market Leader in legal credit management solutions for decades and we are committed to remaining so with the launch of ARCS3. We are devoted to Law Firm Cash Management, which is why we are so good at it.

Our clients are the most successful law firms in the world and their growth is built upon healthy cash balances - their success demonstrates ours.

Over half the top 100 US firms and over a third of top UK 100 firms use our software.

We are a global company and our winning solution can bring cash certainty to all your offices

"Nothing short of phenomenal"

Announcing the ultimate law firm cash management tool

The result of years of development and consultation with the most successful law firms in the world, we are proud to bring you a total cash management and collection solution.

New integrated dashboards and extra functionality allow you to achieve market leading performance and cash forecast transparency to protect the future of the firm.

You can set targets, benchmark results and manage the team effectively by member and time period.

Now for the first time, key stakeholders can set the rules and can be kept in the loop immediately when a critical change or trend happens to any of their accounts, allowing swift action and peace of mind.

ARCS 3 provides complete Business Intelligence both for the Collector and Management Team.

Selected systems supported

Unique Seamless Integration

20 years of Expert Experience in Smooth Integrations

ARCS3 is designed to fully and easily integrate with your existing billing systems, whatever they may be, reducing interruption and giving you full peace of mind. All the major billing systems have been our partners for decades. Even if you  decide to change billing systems, ARCS can easily be transferred to integrate with your new provider.


Integration is simple and easy