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ARCS Second Generation is a fully comprehensive collections management system that integrates with professional-service billing systems to streamline collection processes, efficiently track WIP/AR and manage unresponsive accounts.


Consulting & Training

Whether on-site or through remote technologies, we provide educational and application consulting services to not only provide Best Practices, but demonstrate methods of streamlining and improving the overall collections processes. Services are provided at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.



The key to post-sale satisfaction is measured through how well an organization stands by their products. With extensive developmental experience and end user support, we continue to meet and exceed customer expectations through our dedicated professionals.

What our clients have to say…

dwf“We have found ARCS 2G to be relatively simple to implement with very little disruption to the current collection processes in my team.
The beauty of ARCS 2G is the flexibility it gives us in relation to collection processes, we have found ways to implement our current business processes into ARCS 2G with the option to add user defined fields & extract data from the Thomson Reuters Elite 3E billing system.” Victoria Ford, Credit Manager, DWF LLP (UK)

wraggelawrencegraham“We were attracted by the simplicity and ease of installation of the ARCS 2G system, as well as the professional, transparent and high quality service provided by Nick Cronjaeger and the Minisoft team throughout our review and testing process.  This system also gives us the ability to adapt and develop it to meet our current and any future bespoke requirements and will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness in the way that we manage our revenue and lock-up cycles. The team at Minisoft has provided us with professional and technical support, and project management skills to ensure the successful implementation and use of the system.” Manjit Dulai, Credit Control Team Leader, Wragge & Co, LLP

williamfry“We migrated from ARCS 6.6 to ARCS 2G this year. It is a substantial improvement on its predecessor. The User Interface has been modernised; it has support for Office 2010 and Office 2013 and the feed is database to database and no longer involves the generation of text files which could occasionally fail in ARCS 6.6. Nick handled our implementation comfortably and it all went according to plan taking just under three days. We are extremely pleased with the new system.” Sean McCoubrey, Senior Applications and Database Lead, William Fry

crowellmoring“Ben was an excellent trainer. He was very knowledgeable about Arcs2G. I really enjoyed the training.”  Dennetra Thomas, Crowell & Moring

williamfry“We contacted Nick from ARCS last November, and he showed us a demo of ARCS 2G. We could see straight away that it was far more user friendly and offered much more in the way of functionality from ARCS 6.6 that we were using at that time. 
We were able to schedule an upgrade for the start of January, and within a week, we had a test environment created, had completed our training, creating some new forms and processes. 
We then went live with ARCS 2G on January 30th. We were amazed at how smooth the process went.
We have found that it has enhanced greatly, how we manage the WIP to AR cycle. It is far more dynamic and enables us to produce more readily ad-hoc reports, as requested by both Fee Earners and clients. After completion of testing and implementation phases, we have now moved from ARCS 6.6 to ARCS 2G. We are using the opportunity and capabilities of the new system, to look at the way we manage the entire WIP to AR life-cycle. We have become big fans of ARCS 2G!” Frank Smith, Financial Accountant, William Fry

charlesrussellspeechlys“After completion of testing and implementation phases, we have now moved from ARCS 6.6 to ARCS 2G. We are using the opportunity and capabilities of the new system, to look at the way we manage the entire WIP to AR life-cycle. The team have found the new system brings vast improvements in user functionality and engagement. We had previously considered alternative systems, but none were able to offer us the level of functionality and flexibility that ARCS 2G gives to law firms”.
Adam Vosper, Revenue Management, Speechly Bircham

dykema“We have worked closely with MiniSoft for years, we have found them to be a valued partner and a great resource. They are always willing to go the extra mile and we depend on them.”
Thomas R. Staley, Financial Systems Administrator, Dykema Gossett PLLC

moorevanallen“Our recent upgrade from ARCS 6.8 to the new 2G has brought many important improvements to our collections process.  2G is very user friendly, and allows drilling down for details at either the client, matter, or invoice levels to be viewed very quickly.  Reports and advanced search capabilities are now very easy to use which is a big time-saving feature with 2G.  The main to-do-list screen is well designed and organized for fast, efficient daily collection work.”
Ronald H. Eveson, Collections Specialist, Moore & Van Allen, PLLC

fowlerwhiteburnett“Having worked with the ARCS product for several years with a prior firm, I was excited to see what direction ARCS 2G would take. The Outlook integration is well done and the interface is very intuitive. My users are excited about being able to create their own automatic processes and reports without having to be that technical. I would classify our experience as extremely favorable.”
David Maloyed, Accounting Database Manager, Fowler White Burnett 

mcnees“ARCS 2G is user friendly, easy to navigate through and to run reports. This product is very useful in my day to day collection efforts. One of my favorite features is creating a notification and emailing it to the client and attorney all in one step, as well as attaching the notification directly to the client’s account. Another is the auto process, which allows you to run a process based on user-specific criteria. This process comes in handy when doing a mass mailing such as 120-day, 150-day, or 180-day past-due letters, as well as year-end push letters. You can keep track of virtually everything you do for a client and keep the attorney up to date as well.”
Trish Abbatello, Collections Manager, McNees Wallace & Nurick

viberts“Viberts Jersey Lawyers were delighted to have been chosen as one of the ARCS 2G beta testers. We believe that the new system will give us the support we require in order to improve our credit management operations. The system is extremely flexible and should have a dramatic impact on our future collections.”
Mark Williams, Credit Manager, Viberts

barclays-wealth“ARCS is the only software package that I know of that is specifically tailored to the needs of credit controllers. It provides flexible functionality to allow a very tailored and firm bespoke system and can be adopted to suit the needs of a many changing business environment and type of client and credit terms offered.

After personally using the system for approaching 20 years it is continually keeping up to date with new technology and user requirements. It acts as my “Memory”. By logging every conversation with a client there is full tracking and a history of events. This ensures that any controller can speak to any client and is able to quickly read the comments to know what is going on. There is no escape!” Caroline Gaw, Assistant VP of Fees and Billing Team, Barclays Wealth

kimballtireystjohn“The ARCS application was instrumental in our effort to recover a backlog of receivables, and remains an important part of our on-going AR collection process.”

Beth W, Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP

coblentzpatchduffybass“We converted from ARCS 6.8 to 2G and have been very happy with the new software. There are many new features and capabilities in 2G. The developers and trainers were all very responsive to any issues or adjustments we had after the conversion. Support has been awesome.  I highly recommend the new software”
Mark Wiker, Accounting Supervisor, Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass, LLP 

hallrender“Our firm just installed ARCS 2G software in May. We have already begun using several new features which were not available in the previous software. In particular, I am sold on the software’s ability to import emails and attachments from Outlook into ARCS 2G. Archiving client, attorney and collection communication via e-mail as well as document scans in ARCS 2G creates a comprehensive repository for our collections data. I believe the ability to retrieve data from this single source prevents the loss of information and shortens response time. These are the keys to success or failure in collecting accounts.”
Cherie Luttrell Burrow, Manager, Financial Affairs, Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, P.C.

frostbrowntodd“We have used ARCS for over 10 years, upgraded to ARCS2G in April 2011. 2G continues to be an invaluable collection tool, tracking client information and subsequent follow up. Historically we have used information from ARCS to interface with in house programs for report generation to Firm Management. We look forward to ARCS2G enhancing our reporting capabilities, in addition to improving the productivity of our Collection Team and performance of our inventory.
Our trainer was knowledgeable, efficient, and gracious. Post upgrade assistance has been excellent. We look forward to another 10 years with Minisoft and ARCS.”
Kathy L. Swift, Collection Manager, Frost Brown Todd, LLC

careyolsen“I have found ARCS to be a useful tool to assist me with my accounts receivables, with first rate support and backup!”
Andrew Fage, Credit Controller, Carey Olsen Group Services Limited

ogier“I can confirm that Ogier has been a customer of Minisoft for over five years. We have been very happy with the functionality provided by the product. The implementation of the ARCS system at Ogier has been instrumental in our efforts to reduce our client debt levels. The customer support offered by Minisoft is excellent, and we always receive timely responses to our support queries. We would not hesitate to recommend ARCS as a product, and Minisoft as a supplier to other legal firms.”
James Prouten, IT Development Manager, Ogier

“I began using MiniSoft ARC’s when the latest version was 2.1 and now use the 6.6 version. This software is nothing short of phenomenal – it allows complete detail of account history to be maintained; takes the guess work out of daily tasks and calendar to do lists even allowing processes to be run overnight. Over the past 12 years if there were a time that technical support was needed – a call would be placed and within minutes any issue would be resolved. I would recommend this product to those interested in improving their company’s cash flow.”
Stephanie Rotino, on behalf of Withers Bergman, LLP, US Accounting Department

grayplantmooty“Our firm has been using ARCS for a number of years. With our recent upgrade and additional in-house training, we have found that ARCS continues to be a valuable collections tool for us. We are looking forward to exploring the in-depth reporting features as we continue to look for ways to enhance our collections processes and procedures.”
Tia Chabot, Billing Collections Manager, Gray Plant Mooty

“We have been using ARCS in conjunction with Elite since 1992. It has been a reliable platform with increasing functionality available with each update in its various versions.”
Richard White, Credit Manager, Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P.

thompsoncoburn“ARCS gives us the capability to log and review collection notes for our clients easily and efficiently.”
Debbie R. Abernathy, Billing & Collections Manager, Thompson Coburn LLP

footanstey“The MiniSoft ARCS product has enabled our business to focus on some key credit processes that were needed to improve cash collection strategies. MiniSoft understood our business needs and worked closely with our PMS provider to ensure that key fields could be introduced to ARCS to allow the team to operate well. We have now been live for 4 months and ARCS has given the opportunity to our credit team to improve efficiencies within our credit operations. Support has been used post completion. Very impressed with speed of response and technical ability of support desk.”
Neil Demuth, Financial Controller, Foot Anstey

orrickherringtonsutcliffe“I would just say that we are very happy with ARCS. It is easy to use, quick and reliable. We use it all day long starting with our daily tasks list, inputting collection notes and then creating and running reports. Then once a month we have our past due statement run that has turned out to be our best collector! Needless to say ARCS has become our friend and indispensible collection partner. Look forward to a long and successful relationship.”
Ed Sullivan, Collector, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

steptoeGood afternoon,
Just wanted to take a minute and send you a note about the install/training this week.
Everything from a technical standpoint seems to have gone very well.  There were no issues or glitches to speak of.
With regards to Ben, he did a fantastic job.  He related very well to the staff and got rave reviews from them.  They liked him so much they got him a departing gift.  Ben is very personable, knowledgeable, and professional.  We are very pleased with his work this week. Thank you,
Allison Musgrave, Controller, Client Accounts, Steptoe & Johnson PLLC


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