Help how and when you want it

We have decades of experience in working with law firms, it’s all we do. Our role is to make your life and the management of the firm’s cash flow as easy as possible. We are on your side and all our solutions have been designed to be intuitive, open, up-front and add value. We adopt the same approach with customer care. We lead by following our clients 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

We strive to understand both the firm’s and the team’s needs, indeed we aim to add value in areas you might not know you needed.

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions and are relentless in our pursuit of excellence.

Our systems and processes are built to create consistently great customer experiences across the whole of your firm. Our team know what good service looks like and what is consistently expected of them. They are experts and they love what they do, are proud of their reputation for getting it right and are accountable for building our world class solutions.

The Minisoft promise to you

1.       Installing new solutions can be daunting, but we are on your side and you can trust us to make the process as easy as possible, regardless of the size of your firm, releasing you to concentrate on what is important.

2.       Our experts care and we will be open, sensible, friendly and deliver the right results.

3.       We work for you and will give you our full attention, keep you fully informed and work tirelessly to provide solutions and solve issues.

4.       We care what you think, will listen and most importantly, will act on what you say. We want to make both our products and service what you want.

Please put us to the test, we genuinely enjoy a challenge.

What they say ...