ARCS 3.2 Enchancements

1 year ago

ARCS 3.2 has some long awaited and really useful enhancements. Including Active Directory logins, VoIP integration, Auto-loading for Forecasting Periods, and Client financial analytics just to name a few. All of the enhancements in ARCS 3.2 are geared to help streamline the collections process. Users can now contact customers faster and easier, access critical account information with greater ease, and automate routine tasks so they are never forgotten.

Key Enhancements:

Active Directory login – Users now have the ability to synchronize their ARCS 3 user login credentials with their active directory profile. When enabled this feature allows the users to login directly to their ARCS 3 user profile that is synchronised with their active directory profile. This means that the user can log into their ARCS 3 user account from any workstation, automatically, after logging into the workstation with their active directory credentials.

VoIP Integration – Users can now call from their default VoIP program e.g. Skype by clicking on the phone number field available in the address panel, after selecting a record from a results grids. After clicking on a number to call the user is prompted if they would like to call. After clicking on Yes on the prompt the call is initiated with the VoIP program specified as the default VoIP program on their workstation is opened and the number is automatically called.

Client Analytics – Users can now access an analytics dashboard for a specific client from a results grid. After running a client level search, users can right-click on a record and select the new option “Client Analytics”. This will open the new dashboard with the selected client’s financial information.

Autoload forecasting projects – Users can now set up forecasting periods to be automatically loaded via a scheduled process utility. This enables users to set up processes once, and have them automatically load on the expected load date when the scheduled utility is being run. This also includes the enhancement to automatically create the next period for a project. Users can now schedule new periods of a forecasting project to be automatically created. New periods are automatically created a specified number of days before that period is to be loaded via the same scheduled process utility.


Medium Enhancements:

My Favorites AP Runtime Options – Users can now temporarily modify the runtime options of an automatic process from the My Favorite screen. A new button “Runtime Options” has been added to the My Favorites grid for automatic processes. This is to enable the users to modify the runtime options of a process and even run the process from the My Favorites tab, without having to navigate to the Automatic Processing screen to do so.

Forecasting Comment Classification filter – Users can now limit the comment activities displayed in Comments Panel of a forecasting project screen. Users now have the option to chose to display AR only, WIP Only or Both classifications of comments via a right click menu on the Comments Panel.

Quick Edit Stored Lists – Users now have the ability to edit a stored list from a search setup without having to navigate to the store lists setup screen under the Tools menu. The user can edit the stored list by right-clicking on the value field and selecting Edit. This will automatically open the selected stored list setup screen so the user can make changes on the fly.



Minor Enhancements:

Sort processes by Activity type – Users can now sort automatic process results by the process action. This is done by clicking on the header for the action flag column of the automatic process grid.

Timekeeper Region UDF – Timekeeper UDF for Region in 3E is now available to be used as a filter or output in ARCS 3. Provided that the Billing System UDF is set up on the ARCS 3 system.

Reset grid to user preferences – A new option under the right click menu of search results grids titled “Reset to Default” has been added. This new option allows the user to reset the current grid to their preferred outputs. This way if they add or remove a column from the grid and would like to reset them to their preferences, they only need to right click on one of the cells in the grid and select the new option.

Additional amount highlight fields – The amount of highlight functionality has been updated to include calculated fields. Users can now apply conditional formatting highlights to calculated fields such as Invoice Days Outstanding.