World Leading Functionality Developed Over Decades of Working With Our Clients

Billing Integration – refresh data through billing-to-collections data connectivity 

Application Security – customize security to restrict access to sensitive data, configuration 

Unique WIP tracking – track Work in Progress with the same tools as accounts receivable 

Unique Reporting – create a wide variety of reports – Aging, General Query, Activity History, Predefined, DSO, etc. using extensive options for charting and visual presentation 

Unique Internal Metrics – Days Sales Outstanding reports to determine the effectiveness of internal policies and staff performance 

Unique Forecasting – predict and display actual receivables using the dashboard-driven 

Email – email client communications, statements, letters, etc. 

User-Defined Fields – manage specific collections data 

Search/Query – standard filters and drill-down functionality to access lower-level data 

Unique Wizards – simplify the creation of processes, procedures, and reports 

Unique Microsoft Outlook and Word Integration – import emails and construct templates for customized notifications. 

Unique Timekeeper Splits – track multi-timekeeper matters by percent ownership 

Unique Escalation Processing – provide Timekeepers, CFOs, and managers a final check point to approve statements, letters, emails, etc